Affleck is officially Batman. Is there a role for Ethan Hawke?

I have been sitting on some news the last month or so. Former Superman-v contributor who broke a lot of news back in the early to mid 2000′s is chiming in! LSOK has stated that Ethan Hawke was seen with director Zack Snyder as well as Man of Steel executive producer Thomas Tull (yes like all fansites and fanboys we know about the Legendary split) at an informal meeting in Wisconsin (of all places) at some point in late April. A teamup film as part of a Man of Steel sequel has been in the works longer than fanboys were privy to.


This is certainly not a name that I have seen attached to the currently in development and unnamed Batman/Superman or Superman/Batman (depending on character preference) film. I immediately thought that Lex Luthor played by Ethan Hawke, could be a very interesting choice for such a character. The great thing about Lex, is there are a multitude of actors that could play him depending on HOW the role is written.


UPDATE: Our source had speculated that maybe Hawke was up for consideration for Batman, however as of the latest official news… Ben Affleck has been cast. We are not ready to rule out being cast in another role, potentially as a villain. There are an influx of rumors circulating the web at the moment.

We did attempt to reach out to Ethan Hawke’s representatives in regards to a possible role in the team up film, and soon received a typical response — “No comment at this time.” –

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